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Helpful Sites

Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

All things related to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League

Site created to encourage women in ministry and missions.

Pirate Christian Radio

Independent Lutheran Internet Radio - Addressing a broad range of topics

Bethlehem Lutheran School

Information about Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School in Kennewick.

Project Wittenburg

In depth information on Luther and the Reformation.

Lutheran Humor Site

Who says Lutherans have no sense of humor?

Higher Things

Resources and topics for ministering to Lutheran Youth.

KFUO Radio

Lutheran Radio. Very good programs on lots of topics.

The White Horse Inn

Know What You Believe and Why! Broadcasts of round table discussions featuring various Reformed theologians. LC-MS represented here.

Take the Stand

Apologetics blog and podcast hosted by an LC-MS pastor and LC-MS member attorney.

The Hoffman Institute

An evangelism resource for people who want to witness naturally.

Lutheran Hymnal - Online

This site lists all the Lutheran hymns in all the Lutheran hymnals. You can listen to the music and practice singing along.

The Extreme Theology Blog

Reading the Bible as cross-centered and Christ-focused and comparing that to the newest wave of evangelical preaching.

Lutheran World Relief

U.S. Lutherans, freed and empowered by God's grace in Jesus Christ and called to respond to God's love for all people and creation, put faith into action through the mission of Lutheran World Relief. LWR values the contribution of Lutheran theology to our understanding of faith active in love and cherishes our Lutheran heritage and identity. LWR acts on behalf of U.S. Lutherans, the ELCA, and the LCMS as a common expression of our faith through international relief and development.

Stand To Reason

Great resource to answer objections and challenges to the Christian faith. Not LC-MS but KFUO features their guest speakers.

Lutheran Hour Ministries

Christian Research Institute’s resource for apologetics and answering the cults.