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Contrary to the sound of our name, we do not believe in Martin Luther.  Luther taught that all of the Bible points to Jesus Christ. He contended that Christ’s work alone was sufficient for our salvation. This is summarized by the Solas, the Latin word for alone.
Sola Gratia:  By Grace Alone

God created, sustains, and provides for all our spiritual and material needs. When mankind rejected God, it separated us from Him. Our rebellion mandated a death sentence. We incurred a debt that we had no means of paying back. Yet, God still sought to reconcile us back into fellowship with Himself. So Jesus Christ, God’s Son, paid the debt himself by dying on the cross in our place. He did this only because he loved us.  
Sola Fide:  Through Faith Alone

Having paid our debt of sin, God now offers this gift to us, eternal life with Him. No longer does the sentence of eternal separation from God apply to us.  God now invites us to receive this gift by simply trusting that Jesus Christ died to pay our debt of sin and conquered death for us by rising from death. By the Holy Spirit, He empowers us to believe this. Should we refuse to believe this, we reject His free gift. With no other means to save us, we face eternal death in Hell, a place meant for Satan and his angels.
Sola Scriptura:  Scripture Alone

God reveals Himself and His work in the book called the Bible.  It identifies our plight as humans and our need for a Savior. The Bible also shows us, as redeemed people of God, how we may live a life pleasing to God and in service to our neighbor.  We cannot add to it nor subtract from it. Only the Bible is God’s complete revelation to us and is completely trustworthy.